Friday, 30 January 2009

video vendredi numero uno!

it's our very first video vendredi! every friday i'll be posting video clips for your viewing pleasure. and i'm starting it off with what i consider to be the most beautiful music video ever made: sigur ros - untitled #1 (vaka). WARNING: it is also the saddest song and video ever made, so i have given you a chaser, to be viewed immediately afterward.

"Untitled #1 (vaka)" - Sigur Ros

It's Friday, Yayyy!!! Peewee Wa loves you all!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

chasing after bubbles

i am, quite apparently, new to the world of blogging, and it seems that my blog has up to now been flailing about, every which way, without a clear structure of any sort. and so, from here on in, i shall be implementing the following elements here at LLT (in no particular order):
  • from now on, i will be properly linking all posted photos. (i'm pretty sure everything i've used so far has been public domain or taken by yours truly. the photo above is public domain, but i retrieved it from a lovely site called Grandma's Graphics, which has a wonderful collection of vintage children's book illustrations. you should go there.) i will also be reviewing each of the marvelous websites i have so quietly posted in my links section (one at a time. this will take some time.)
  • the coming year will bring updates on my 33-things-to-do-in-my-33rd-year-list (the inspiration for which came from this fabulous post by Hula Seventy)
  • the days of the week will soon be filled with recurring series' to delight the reader again and again as follows:

travel tuesdays: travel is my one true passion in life. had i no limitations, i would wander the earth, never lingering longer than a month or two in one place. 'course i'm not goin' anywhere right now 'cause i'm broke. but i will. and so every tuesday i will write about the places i have been and the places i've yet to go.

hump day doodles: i looooooooooooooove to draw. ima post my doodles on hump day.

ph-ursday: as i've mentioned below, i fancy myself a bit of an amateur photographer. so thursdays are for photo show n tell!

video vendredis: to finish out the week, i will post quirky little video clips that i think might tickle your fancy.

saturdays & sundays: come on. everybody knows that saturdays and sundays are for pickin yer nose and making snow men. not for sitting at the computer.

  • and all this icky scary structure will be peppered and tossed with plenty of random spitting and drooling.

ambitious. but i think i can do it.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

my favorite buddha shots



neon lights!

you don't know this about me yet, but i've done a bit of travelling. most extensively in asia, but other parts of the world as well. over the years i've taken a poop-load of photos, and i thought it might be fun to expose some of them to the world, organized in odd little groupings, rather than by excursion. so... here is the first of many:

a karaoke house in taiwan

a juke joint in memphis, tennessee

a tribute to b.b. king's guitar at his bar on beale street

Friday, 16 January 2009


the view from here

It's a new and glorious year my friends!
And I've decided to lend more of my time to amateur photography...