Tuesday, 31 May 2011

video vendredi on mardi

The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit from Jens Henricson on Vimeo.

it kinda feels like friday today even though it's only tuesday. maybe cause it's beautiful outside and i'm sleepin over at my friend's house tonight :) regardless, since it feels like friday, i don't see why we can't pretend it is. so here's some friday tunes! i saw Radio Dept. play at the Horseshoe here in Toronto last Sunday. great show.

The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire from Thal on Vimeo.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

vintage nails

these i936 manicures are flippin awesome, don't you think? found them here, where they've a link to instructions for the modern version.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


stumbled upon flickr user 'Ciorania's beautiful portrait work this morning. these photos make my heart speed up a bit. see more here.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what's your damage? #2 - blog name

2. explain the meaning behind your blog name.

when i wrote my very first post back in 2008, i don't even remember what i had called this blog thingy. i think it may have just been Heidi's Blog. clearly a working title.

then one day, i was reading about Amelia Earhart.

if you've read any posts from the genesis of this blog, you'l likely surmise that i wasn't in the greatest head space at the time, but something Amelia had said was resonating in my muddled mind, and from her words arose the name: Loose Leaf Tigers. you can find the quote in question at the top right corner of this page where it remains -though it may have little to do with what i write here- to remind me that i am bigger than my fears. and hey, guess what? so are you. xo

i ked you not

i think i might pick me up some keds this summer. i've always liked the way they look with a sweet little summer dress or a pair of turned up jeans. my favourite is classic red, pictured perfectly above by the Snail and the Cyclops . below are some other favourites from href="http://www.keds.com/store/SiteController/keds/home">the keds site. you can also design your own online if you're so inclined. hurry up summer dagnammit!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

a visit to the archives

sifting through the Life photo archives yesterday, I found this lovely set by master photographer Gordon Parks entitled "french fashion models". the pictures were all dated june 6, 1950, when it appears that Gordon spent a day and evening with a group of models in various locations, including the county fair. there are tonnes more from this session if you go to the archives and type in "french fashion models". these are some of my favourites.

what's your damage? #1 - an introduction

1. Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts
allo, bonjour. my name is Heidi, though visitors here know me as Poke Salad Annie, a moniker derived from one of my favourite Elvis songs. i think it's cute that some people address me as Annie when emailing or leaving comments. not my name. cute though.

in approaching the 15 interesting facts, i feel i should direct you to a post i did way back in 2009 called 10 things you don't [and might not want to] know about me. that's where you'll find the main building blocks, complete with embarassing adolescent jazz dance photo. here's some more junk about me:

1. i'm sort of a massive self sabotaging, inner critic riddled, to-thine-own-self-be-cruel-and-nasty kinda girl. just gettin the heavy stuff out the way right outta the gate. even writing that link above made me chastise myself for being so self-centered and bragadocious when, really, talking about yourself on your own blog once every two years is not so effing bad

2. i wish i was born in 1940. that would have made me 16 years old the year Elvis exploded, which i think my head would have done if i was actually alive at that point, so perhaps it all worked out for the best.

3. i hate cake. stand next to me at any shower/office function where there might be cake and you can have mine. i'll have the last piece o pie if you're not gonna eat it though. any day.

4. i love to draw. part of me thinks i'm pretty good at it too. too bad i can't show you what i've been drawing cuz the other part of me thinks it sucks :)

5. i secretly long to be a photographer, but i don't think i'm good enough at that either.

7. i think i'm being so miserably forthcoming because of this awesome speach i watched today about vulnerability:

i should watch it again right now cuz it made me feel all warm n fuzzy inside.

8. i'm learning to play guitar! though i think any instrument which requires you to sacrifice the feeling in the tips of your fingers is inherently flawed, i am beginning to develop guitar calluses, as vile as that sounds, and am having a blast!

9. i love to play vids. if i've got nothin to do and a good xbox 360 game, i'll play til my bones hurt from sittin in the same spot too long. i'll play til it's way past my bedtime and i wake up feelin like a zombie from all the video game dreams. i'll play til i find myself looking at walls like i could scale them if i had a running start. thus, i try not to keep good vids in the house. my husband's Fifa doesn't tempt me in the least.

10. i used to be the most dedicated smoker in the universe, but now i only bum smokes off real smokers when i'm drunk. three months clean bitches!

11. i talk to my pets in full f*ckin sentences when noone's around.

12. the first record i ever bought with my own money was Arena by Duran Duran. i was in grade four and had never been to a concert. it wasn't until years later that i realised it was a live album. i always wondered why it had some of the same songs as Seven and the Ragged Tiger :)

13. Welcome to the Dollhouse is one of my favourite movies of all time, partially because i WAS Dawn Weiner.

14. Humour is my saviour. despite all the whiny stuff i said about beatin myself up all the time, there is nothing i love more in life than laughter. i laugh as often and as long as possible. and the people i surround myself with are hilarious. i'm ever so lucky that way.

15. i would totally take a bullet for my husband. no jokes.

challenge (to be pronounced shh-al-awnge, like the french)

whilst pottering around the internet this morning i came across Dead Robot, a blog written by a ridiculously clever and droll bearded gent, that puts sh*tty little post-things-i-like blogs like mine to shame :(

said blogger is currently taking on a 'blog challenge' that involves writing about 64 distinct predetermined topics, each revealing a little more of the scribe to the reader. in the interest of bringing a bit o soul to my idle ramblings and of sharing a bit more of myself than my favourite old timey photos and some clothes i can't afford, i have decided to take on this challenge myself. ima call it what's your damage?

regular loose leaf postings will continue as before, but now in amongst them will be 64 challenge posts as follows:

1. Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts
2. Meaning behind your blog name
3. Your first love
4. Your parents
5. A song to match your mood
6. A picture of something that makes you happy
7. Favorite movies
8. Something you’re afraid of
9. Favorite TV shows
10. Something you don’t leave the house without
11. Bible verse
12. Dream house
13. Something you’re looking forward to
14. Favorite Place to Eat
15. Something you miss
16. Nicknames
17. Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?
18. Something you’ve learned
19. Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
20. Your Dream Wedding
21. Something that stresses you out
22. 3 Wishes
23. 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge
24. Your favorite song
25. Your favorite book
26. Your favorite quote
27. A photo that makes you angry/sad
28. A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
29. An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
30. A talent of yours
31. A hobby of yours
32. A recipe
33. A website
34. A YouTube video
35. Your day, in great detail
36. Your week, in great detail
37. This month, in great detail
38. This year, in great detail
39. Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
40. Something you ate today.
41. Your idea of the perfect first date.
42. An animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
43. The item you last purchased.
44. Y our favorite place to eat.
45. A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
46. Your celebrity crush.
47. Something you crave a lot.
48. A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
49. A photo of something that means a lot to you.
50. How have you changed since last year.
51. Something you could never get tired of doing.
52. Talk about a regret you have.
53. Share a story from your childhood.
54. Explain how you got one of your scars.
55. How do you think others view you?
56. A poem you wrote.
57. Tell us about your best friend.
58. A talent of yours.
59. Your deepest fear.
60. Reveal your most guilty pleasure.
61. If you have tattoos, show them. If not, talk about the tattoos you want or why you don’t think they are right for you.
62. Talk about the last “random act of kindness” you encountered.
63. The last thing that made you cry.
64. Say something to your 15 year old self.

i think this oughtta be fun. if you think it's crap, just skip over these ones. xo

Monday, 16 May 2011

yesterday's muse # 24 - ivy nicholson

forgive me for being vague, but i wasn't able to find a great deal of information on Ivy, so i'll just share with you what i did find...

born Irene Nicholson in Queens, New York, Ivy started modeling at age 16. in the 1950s she graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar, among others. as many of her contemporaries would do, Ivy sought out acting roles once the end of her twenties began to loom. somewhere in her search she found Andy Warhol, and was cast in minor roles in a number of his films.

i know that at some time in her life she married and divorced a Count (DePoleon), with whom she had a son Darius -consequently a Viscount- who plays in a band called Eurotrash, made up of other entitled Europeans ;) Ivy has three other children, Sean Bolger, a Los Angeles fashion photographer, and twins Penelope and Gunther Palmer, whose father John is also in showbiz. Penelope was a child actress and her twin brother a child model. Gunther is now a drummer and vocalist in a band called Stagefright.

Monday, 9 May 2011

lucas foglia

for four years, San Francisco based photographer Lucas Foglia traveled around the south eastern United States photographing those who have chosen to live 'off the grid'. Lucas' subjects are striving to be self sufficient for varying personal reasons, be they environmental, religious or otherwise, and his photos provide a small and intimate window into their way of life. i find these photos to be deeply expressive and captivating. see more of Foglia's work here.

Friday, 6 May 2011

third helping

here, have some more :)

i dare you not to swoon

there is no excuse for my lack of posting as of late, other than the burgeoning spring. stick with me my dear readers, i'll be back to my regular schedule in no time, i promise! in the meantime, here's a video treat - a young and otherworldly beautiful Elvis performing live on television for the first time after his return from the army. ole blue eyes' speach is dubbed in spanish, but this was the clearest version i could find on youtube :) tell me you don't swoon when you watch this. i won't believe you. i don't care who y'are.