Wednesday, 29 July 2009

an award! and 10 things you don't [and might not want to] know about me

YAY! my first award! :D many, many thanks to the marvelous Christina of Fabulous Finds & Co. for bestowing upon me this lovely award! (and for writing such a marvelously stylish blog herself, which you simply must go and visit.) i'm tickled pink!

this award came with a tag as well, so here goes...
Ten Things You Don't [and might not want to] Know About Me:

1. I spent 13 years of my youth as a competitive highland dancer
i began my brief dance career in ballet at the tender age of five, only to have my ballerina dreams shattered when my teacher proclaimed me too large-and-in-charge to pursue them. thus began my long term relationship with highland, followed by a fleeting affair with jazz. (yikes)

2. I’ve had every hair colour and style under the sun
fire engine red, short, long, spiked, blonde, black, blue, pink, skunk stripe, shaved (twice), permed, and everything in between, though for the last 5 years or so i’ve been au natural.

3. I’m mildly 'twi-tarded'
i’ve read the Twilight series and seen the movie three times, though mostly from an analytical perspective, as i’d really like to write a young adult fiction series someday, and am totally open to discussions of Bella as a weak and flaccid character with no redeeming qualities as a role model for young girls. [see Buffy vs. Edward below]

4. I'm a qualified filmmaker
i have completed 7 years of film school, am fully trained to analyze and/or create a film from pre production to distribution, and worked on film and tv sets for 3 and a half years, though now i write funding applications for children’s programming.

5. I have my grade 6 conservatory opera certificate
i took operatic singing lessons for 4 years, but my love for singing was soon eclipsed by terrible stage fright and a nasty smoking habit.

6. I can make small talk in 5 languages and swear in 12
due to extensive travel in my twenties, including english teaching stints in Thailand and Taiwan, i can make conversation in English, French, Thai, Mandarin & Spanish and can swear in all of these plus German, Vietnamese, Hindi, Portugese, Greek, and Armenian.

7. i’ll eat anything but mussels
the first time i ever had mussels, i was apprehensive, yet curious. a few mussels in, i was completely converted, savouring the succulent creatures soaked in garlic and wine sauce, when i found myself spitting out what seemed like a wee tuft of hair. good lord! this must be some hideous error! we must leave this restaurant immediately and never return! no, my friend explained, that’s just the beard. the BEARD. What? mussels have beards. Never Again.

8. I can drink most men under the table
i’m half german, half british and almost 6 feet tall. hollow legs are in me genes :)

9. I can recite Stand By Me in its entirety
it is highly likely that you think me to be exaggerating. you are mistaken. as a 12 year old, obsessively smitten with the young River Phoenix and recklessly excited that my mom let me watch a movie so filled to the brim with words i was not allowed to utter, i saw Stand By Me well over 60 times, and made it my mission to learn each and every word. don’t believe me? come on to my house and we’ll pop the old VHS in… I was twelve going on thirteen the first time I saw a dead human being. It happened in the summer of nineteen fifty nine. a long time ago, but only if you measure in terms of years…

10. I have 4 tattoos, one of which I share with my husband
(it’s an Elvis symbol. stands for ‘taking care of business in a flash’. :) there are TCB symbols on his plane, rings, sunglasses, tv room wall and on and on. he also gave TCB necklaces to all of his entourage) this may seem a bit strange to some of you, but we think it’s pretty frickin’ cool :)

i shall now spread the love by re-gifting this award and passing the tag to the marvelously stylish and brilliant peeps listed here (grab your award above and don't feel pressured to play along if you don't wish to, but it sure would be neat if you did :)

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AlicePleasance said...

Oh thank you! It's always fun to read at these tag, you learn a lot of fun things about your favorite bloggers!
I studied cinema too, but my studies were about film critics and cinema history.
It's amazing you can talk so many languages and by the way, I can teach you how to swear in italian if you like ;-)

Rachel Fox said...

Came to you via Red Bird. What a great list.

Jessica Cangiano said...

You're awesome, sweetie! What cool, unique, fun facts. It's really neat to learn more about the stellar lady behind this blog.

Thank you very, very much for the award, I'm really touched that you passed it along to me!

Tons of hugs & joyful Thursday wishes,
♥ Jessica

Mermaid said...

Yay thank you! I'll do this as soon as I get some time.

Greetz from Tiz said...

Thank you so much for the award!It's interesting to read these things about you!I was born in Belgian and lived there for 18 years and the Belgian food is 'Mussels with french fries' and I adore it!!!....but my sister is just like you, she doesn't eat it at all!
thanx again, big hug!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I love these tags as we really get to know something about you that we didn't know TEN somethings! Wow...what a life..& the TCB tat is pretty awesome!

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

Darling, I am honoured to have been selected. If I may say, you are such a fascinating, well-heeled diva, m'lady!!! I will try to construct my list some time soon. In the mean-time, THANKS! You really made my day!

Q's Daydream said...

Thanks so much chicka!!! I have a TCB bumper sticker on my! I think if I was to get a tat though TCB is what I'd get :o)

Mary P. from PGT said...

Your tattoo rules. As does Elvis P.

I loved reading these bits about you! Thanks for sharing!

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Wow... you are one savvy tattoo loving, different laungage speaking, film making,hair color changing, drink ya under the table gal!!! Who would have known?? I love tags for that reason. Thanks for being so darn gracious and playing along for fun. Now... off to see what your 10 favs have to offer! U like Um, I'm gonna like um.

[Tara] said...

Yippee!! Thanks so much for the tag -- I actually just did this tag a short time ago, but I will tell you a few things about me here:
1. I totally agree with you about the Bella/Twilight thing! Buffy was a role-model, not Bella. Kinda sad...
2. I can also drink most men under the table!
3. Stand by Me was also an obsession of mine, and I have probably seen it at least 30 times!! I was smitten by Will Wheaton!

BTW, I am insanely jealous of your language skills!!

Eric said...

Greatest photo of you ever. Ever. (I don't think I need to specify here)

Keith said...

Thanks so much. I appreciate it. I'll definitely do this asap. It was cool reading this post and learning more about you. Have a great Friday and weekend. Cheers!

kgirl said...

Congratulations! Your blog is stylish, indeed.

We could do a duet on Stand By Me if you like ;)


HUGE Xie-Xie (thank u in Mandarin, right?!)
Wow, I'm impressed with your language skills! Appreciate this stylish award!! ps: I want a small tattoo of know the males take care of the babies, I like that!

Have a fabulous weekend darling...

Pretty Little World said...

Oh wow!! Thank you so much!!

What a fantastic post!! I'll have to try to spend that weekend working on it!

Happy Friday!!

Aya Smith said...

What a fun tag! A little intimidating I am sure as well? It was fun to read though! :D

Oh, and thank you so much for the award!! That's the sweetest, I am so honored :D