Thursday, 23 July 2009

(ph)ursday - milton h greene

i'm certain many of you are familiar with the work of fashion and celebrity photographer Milton H Greene, best know for his photoshoots with Marilyn Monroe (of whom he took over 5000 pictures). Greene was (and still is) one of the most celebrated photographers in the world. His artful fashion photography has appeared in all the major publications including Life, Vogue & Harpar's Bazaar, and he has imortalized a long list of legendary celebrities with his stunning portraits. you can read all about him here, and there's a giant archive of his photos here, but you must become a member to view them :(

here are some of my favourite portraits by Milton H. Greene:

Marlene Dietrich

Audrey Hepburn

Gregory Peck

Ava Gardner

Sophia Loren

Cary Grant

and of course, Marilyn

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georgia b. said...

i just saw that marilyn photo on another blog recently, but her skirt was green in it. huh. strange. but i love that photo!

and of course, i always swoon for the cary grant photos.