Friday, 24 July 2009

hall of dames - video vendredi edition

the incomparable Kate Bush was signed by EMI at the age of 16 after being recommended by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. in 1978, at age 19, she became the first woman to reach number one on the UK charts with a self-written song (her debut single, "Wuthering Heights").

since then, Kate's eclectic, some might say eccentric, style has made her one of England's most successful solo performers of the past 30 years. she has released nine albums, highlights of which include Running Up That Hill, Babooshka, The Man with the Child in His Eyes, and Don't Give Up (with Peter Gabriel). what i love most about Kate Bush is her ability to convey emotion with her music. so many of her songs give me goosebumps and make my eyes water (see below), and thus i hereby induct her into the Loose Leaf Tigers Hall of Dames.

have a fantastic weekend everyone!


AlicePleasance said...

I adore This Woman's Work! The video is weirdly cheesy always makes me laugh!!!

[Tara] said...

God, she IS amazing, isn't she? That outfit from Wuthering Heights is pretty much perfection, too!

Red Boots said...

I love love love Kate Bush. Wuthering Heights in one of my favourite songs ever. x

Keith said...

She's so awesome. Thanks for reminding me of that. Hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!