Wednesday, 1 July 2009

when life gives you rain, make rain-aid

Bonjour! and happy Canada Day! i'm back in the city and in one piece, though my long anticipated journey into the wild did not turn out exactly as expected. after driving 5 and a half hours due north, we arrived at George Lake in Killarney provincial park (above) and had a marvelous evening of swimming, fire-watching and hot dogs on sticks. the next morning we dined on a delicious campfire breakfast, shortly after which it began to rain. hard.

now, i'm no pantywaist. i've camped in the rain before. not a problem. trouble is, this rain did not let up, even for a moment. after 4 or 5 hours sitting under the tarp, we decided to brave the elements and went out to do some fishing. by the time we returned to our site, there was a moat around our tent and an ever growing puddle on the inside caused by a leak in the fly.
cold and drenched, we huddled beneath the tarp and listened to the man on Moose radio tell us that thunderstorm warnings were in effect for the next two days. this is when we decided to bail.

i can't say i wasn't extremely disappointed, or that i didn't cry just a little, but we made the best of it and drove in to nearby Sudbury to stay in a dry hotel and visit Science North.

and hilarity ensued...

then, on the way home we took whatever turn-off tickled our fancy. a kind of northern Ontario sampler tour.

all in all, i had a wonderful time, though it wasn't what i had envisioned. and next year, we will be better prepared (and will consult a farmer's almanac before we book) :)
i hope you all had magnificent weekends with little or no rain, and if you're Canadian, enjoy your day off! xo

(p.s. those pictures are of slept-in-a-tent-and-lived-in-the-rain-for-days me, dressed in don't-care-if-i-get-mud-all-over-them clothes, so please don't judge:)


~ ennui ~ said...

aarrrghh #%@! I hate when that happens- the museum looked like a blast though.

oh yeah, the museum phoned. mannequin man is pressing charges- Appearently he did not find humor in the groping.

kgirl said...

Well, at least you guys were able to stay away and make some impromptu fun!