Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what's your damage? #2 - blog name

2. explain the meaning behind your blog name.

when i wrote my very first post back in 2008, i don't even remember what i had called this blog thingy. i think it may have just been Heidi's Blog. clearly a working title.

then one day, i was reading about Amelia Earhart.

if you've read any posts from the genesis of this blog, you'l likely surmise that i wasn't in the greatest head space at the time, but something Amelia had said was resonating in my muddled mind, and from her words arose the name: Loose Leaf Tigers. you can find the quote in question at the top right corner of this page where it remains -though it may have little to do with what i write here- to remind me that i am bigger than my fears. and hey, guess what? so are you. xo

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