Tuesday, 17 May 2011

what's your damage? #1 - an introduction

1. Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts
allo, bonjour. my name is Heidi, though visitors here know me as Poke Salad Annie, a moniker derived from one of my favourite Elvis songs. i think it's cute that some people address me as Annie when emailing or leaving comments. not my name. cute though.

in approaching the 15 interesting facts, i feel i should direct you to a post i did way back in 2009 called 10 things you don't [and might not want to] know about me. that's where you'll find the main building blocks, complete with embarassing adolescent jazz dance photo. here's some more junk about me:

1. i'm sort of a massive self sabotaging, inner critic riddled, to-thine-own-self-be-cruel-and-nasty kinda girl. just gettin the heavy stuff out the way right outta the gate. even writing that link above made me chastise myself for being so self-centered and bragadocious when, really, talking about yourself on your own blog once every two years is not so effing bad

2. i wish i was born in 1940. that would have made me 16 years old the year Elvis exploded, which i think my head would have done if i was actually alive at that point, so perhaps it all worked out for the best.

3. i hate cake. stand next to me at any shower/office function where there might be cake and you can have mine. i'll have the last piece o pie if you're not gonna eat it though. any day.

4. i love to draw. part of me thinks i'm pretty good at it too. too bad i can't show you what i've been drawing cuz the other part of me thinks it sucks :)

5. i secretly long to be a photographer, but i don't think i'm good enough at that either.

7. i think i'm being so miserably forthcoming because of this awesome speach i watched today about vulnerability:

i should watch it again right now cuz it made me feel all warm n fuzzy inside.

8. i'm learning to play guitar! though i think any instrument which requires you to sacrifice the feeling in the tips of your fingers is inherently flawed, i am beginning to develop guitar calluses, as vile as that sounds, and am having a blast!

9. i love to play vids. if i've got nothin to do and a good xbox 360 game, i'll play til my bones hurt from sittin in the same spot too long. i'll play til it's way past my bedtime and i wake up feelin like a zombie from all the video game dreams. i'll play til i find myself looking at walls like i could scale them if i had a running start. thus, i try not to keep good vids in the house. my husband's Fifa doesn't tempt me in the least.

10. i used to be the most dedicated smoker in the universe, but now i only bum smokes off real smokers when i'm drunk. three months clean bitches!

11. i talk to my pets in full f*ckin sentences when noone's around.

12. the first record i ever bought with my own money was Arena by Duran Duran. i was in grade four and had never been to a concert. it wasn't until years later that i realised it was a live album. i always wondered why it had some of the same songs as Seven and the Ragged Tiger :)

13. Welcome to the Dollhouse is one of my favourite movies of all time, partially because i WAS Dawn Weiner.

14. Humour is my saviour. despite all the whiny stuff i said about beatin myself up all the time, there is nothing i love more in life than laughter. i laugh as often and as long as possible. and the people i surround myself with are hilarious. i'm ever so lucky that way.

15. i would totally take a bullet for my husband. no jokes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I loved reading this!!

Does every girl have adolescent jazz photos? LOL

Cake is gross. Birthday cake anyway. Not the cake itself but the fact that someone blows all over it before you eat it. Revolting.