Friday, 19 September 2008

Lighting the candle at both ends of the street

lately i've been feeling a little frazzled. a little raw around the edges. a little dissatisfied and dizzied by what I have come to see as my life. it's as though i were a drunken teenager at a makeshift party in someone's field, who spent the night stumbling in zig zags and woke up not knowing quite where she is nor how she arrived. i feel as though i've let go of this gushing hose that once watered a colorful bed of flowers, but now flails about madly, soaking me senseless. if i do not think of ways in which to sneak up on this slippery water snake and take it in my grasp once more, i will surely drown.

but there are aspects of my life that are more than satisfactory. i have much to be grateful for and many resources at my disposal. with this blog, i mean to sort through the mess and assemble the broken bits. to harness the hose and to lead the poor shit-faced teen back toward the path.

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