Friday, 17 October 2008

Lately, as She Walks to Work

Lately, as she walks to work, she is beginning to see more of a bounce in her step. She believes in everything: gods, ghosts, miracles, curses. But she believes that everything exists within our minds, or not at all. In recent years she has become lazy and permissive with her own mind, leaving her natural pessimistic ghoul unchallenged and free to rush about in a murderous frenzy. This horrible ghoul had convinced her of all sorts of retched untruths, like nothing ever changes, nothing is really worth the effort, anything she tries will not be good enough, and worst of all, that it is too late for her, that she has missed her opportunities and wasted her life. But lately, as she walks to work, she has been wittingly reaching out to her younger self in an attempt to recover; to rescue and reclaim. Lately as she walks to work, she is holding her shoulders a little higher than before; smiling at strangers; taking deep breaths; and beginning to realize the ridiculousness of this Ghoul’s ideas.

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