Tuesday, 6 April 2010


here's how it works: i'm working on a series of framed 3D papercut pictures of seminal images from black and white films. the first one i did was Jailhouse Rock (predictable, I know :), and i'm about half way through a Casablanca piece. the photos aren't so great as it's awfully difficult to photograph these things, but i assure you they look better in person :)

all you have to do to win your very own original framed picture is to leave a comment letting me know which black and white film you would like to see represented in one of these papercut pictures. i will then pick my favourite (whichever film i think would be the most fun to do) and i'll make you a picture and send it to you. sound fun? i'm excited!
i will announce the winner one week from today :)


kgirl said...

You know that one of your doodles became a tattoo on my leg, right? Man, you are talented. My favourite B&W film is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but I can't imagine that would make an iconic picture.

Eric said...

Sign me up! I'd love to see a papercut scene from Hitchcock's "The Birds".

Anonymous said...

It has to be something from the lovely Audrey Hepburn...Roman Holiday!


AlicePleasance said...

Omg...the papercuts look great! Amazing work! I really can't decide between Lolita and Rear Window...I truly heart them both and I think they could be fun to work on!
By the way, beautiful giveaway and please forgive me for my lack of comments of lately!

Poke Salad Annie said...

these are all awesome! keep em comin people! by the way, if someone has already mentioned your suggestion, feel free to submit it again. if it turns out to be mulyiple winners i'll do a random pick thingy :)

caroline duke said...

holy crap? you did that? that is truly amazing.

my vote goes to 'top hat!'