Tuesday, 29 December 2009

cleaning house

my sincere apologies.  i know i said i'd be up and running again yesterday, and i've all sorts of things planned for the next few days (like new years dresses and best of 2009 lists), but at the moment i'm busy doing a bit of preparatory house cleaning to usher in the new year [clad in far more than this young lady].  i've so many stories to tell you of marvelous christmas gifts and heartfelt resolutions, but i haven't the time today.  please do come back tomorrow, as i promise to have something interesting for you.  hope you are enjoying your holiday as much as i am [no work 'til the 11th!!!] xo

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Clorivak said...

Happy New Years to You!!! May it be wonderful. I've been sooooo busy with holidays too. I think a lot of us were.
Have Fun Tonight!