Tuesday, 5 January 2010

all the king's women # 16 - lola albright

born in Akron, Ohio in 1924, Lola Albright began her career as a model before moving to Hollywood in the mid 1940s. Lola's beauty and distinctive smokey voice helped establish her as one of the most stylish and sultry actresses in Hollywood at the time.  

though Lola would make more than 20 films during her career, her most pivotal role came in 1949, opposite Kirk Douglas in Champion

in 1958, Lola landed the part of nightclub singer Edie Hart in the trend-setting television detective series Peter Gunn, produced by Blake Edwards and directed by Robert Altman.  during her time on the production, Albright released two albums as a singer (Lola Wants You, and Dreamsville).

Lola's popularity led to several major film roles, including Elvis' 1962 film Kid Galahad, a remake of the 1937 Humphrey Bogart film of the same name.  Lola plays Dolly, unappreciated girlfriend to a small-time boxing promoter who recruits young mechanic Walter (Elvis). 

Joan Blackman (above left) plays Elvis' love interest in this, her second, Elvis film (see All the King's Women #13 ). 

Lola was married three times, and has no children.  she is now retired from acting and living in California.

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Thanks for the info and pics of Ms. Albright! I'm just starting to discover her roles and this was a great little crash course!