Monday, 4 January 2010

bienvenue 2010!

...and so the holidays pass and we all return to our regular routines. lucky for me, i've another week off work in which to play with my christmas presents and bring my new years resolutions to fruition. this year my darling husband bestowed upon me the most incredible gift: a Canon EOS xsi! this is extraordinarily meaningful to me as it will allow me to improve my photography skills in hope of someday dabbling in wedding and event photography. plus, i can take pictures for my upcoming etsy shop, and fun photos for this blog, like the one of me above, taken by my husband. i have named my camera Gladys, and below is the first portrait i took with her, of my very handsome husband and our baby, Rudy.

as for my resolutions, the biggest one is the get-healthy-lose-weight-feel-better thing, which i'm sure you're all familiar with. we've cleaned out the fridge of all junk and i'll be playing happy housewife this week, making healthy dinners and packing lunches. more than that, we are committed to eating responsibly, thanks to a recent viewing of the phenomenal documentary Food Inc. (which everyone on earth should watch). for the losing weight part, we've enlisted the help of Wii Fit, which helped my sister-in-law lose 40 pounds. i seem to be allergic to gyms, but i love a good video game, so we'll see how it goes...
right now i'm off to the grocery store to buy fruits and vegetables and all that sort o' stuff. hope you're having a great day!


Clorivak said...

Ooooo....what a wonderufl gift. Super cool photos too.
I am totally doing the health thing hardcore right now..I would love to do a cleanse. i am tempted to get wii fit too..i hate gyms and can't seem to drag my buns out in the cold to do anything. I am so monster bloated from the holidays. good luck with your new year of health. i've been meaning to watch food inc for awhile now..will def check out, thanks for the reminder.

{Tara} said...

Wonderful photos! Congrats on the new camera...maybe I should start putting a little bug in my boyfriend's ear! I would love a "real" camera one day. Hope you are having a an excellent new year so far -- best of luck on all of your resolutions! The Wii Fit looks really fun.