Tuesday, 9 February 2010

34 things to do in my 34th year

so last year, just after my birthday, i came up with a list of 33 things to do in my 33rd year (as inspired by Hula Seventy), not expecting that i would finish them all, but hoping that i might. this morning i calculated my completion rate to be about 42%, which, although none too impressive, is still something, i suppose.

so here sits i, at the dawning of year 34, in creation of a new and equally as lofty list. with any luck, i'll get to 50% this year :)

(pink = done)

1. drive Route 66 from beginning to end and make a book of all the photos i'll take

2. stand on the edge of the grand canyon

3. improve my energy level and flexibility (yoga, perhaps?)

4. get a bike (and ride it)

5. learn to master my new DSLR (or at least come close to mastery)

6. go someplace spooky and abandoned and try to communicate with ghosts :) - no real attampt at communication, but i did visit "the ghost road" in Port Perry, Ontario

7. live like less of a slob (try to keep my house a wee bit cleaner)

8. illustrate a children's book

9. photograph at least two weddings

10. complete at least 5 more pieces in my loose leaf film stills series [giveaway to come]

11. go to a drive-in!

12. spend more time with ma ladies

13. spend more time in the sunshine (with the appropriate spf, of course)

14. dip my feet in an Ontario lake

15. sing songs by a fire pit

16. find a more fulfilling day job (finished in 35th year)

17. rid my life of needless junk (i.e. ruthlessly clean out my closet & cupboards)

18. draw things

19. call my mom more

20. publish something, anything

21. use lots of photobooths

22. have a picnic with my husband

23. go to a farm and pick something (fruits/veggies)

24. save up for a used car

25. shop at farmers' markets

26. cut down on my smoking [i'm quitting at 35]

27. do more good turns (revisit the girl scout in me)

(and now: a few roll overs from last year's list)
28. read two new authors (completed this one last year, but bringing it back for an encore)

29. go to a museum by myself

30. repaint my apartment

31. lose 40 pounds (last year's list said lose 20, but i gained 20, so now it's lose 40 *sigh*)

32. send postcards to my friends

33. drink more water

34. win the lottery there. written in stone. we'll see where the year takes me. wish me luck :)


{Tara} said...

I also dream of driving the entire length of Route 66! I wish you luck on your list...

Clorivak said...

what a wonderful list..best of lucks! i have very similar things in my list in my brain.