Monday, 8 February 2010

i am 3(4)

above is a picture of my brothers and i on my third birthday, back in 1979 in Kenilworth, England. it's difficult to see, as the photo has seen better days, but i am wearing a big red button that says I AM 3 (which i still have, incidentally). today i turn 34. on a winter monday. and though i may be tired, cold and hungover from my weekend festivities, i still feel like a three year old at heart, and if someone made silly buttons for 34 year olds, i'd be sporting one as we speak :) here's to another year young, and may you all keep the children inside you as close to the surface as possible! xo


anne said...

happy birthday!
such a cute photo. here's to staying young at heart :D

AlicePleasance said...

Happy birthday!!!

Geisslein said...

Hope your day is a wonderful one today!

Estrella said...

So cute photo!! happy birthday!

Clorivak said...

HAPPY BELATED Birthday!!!! I'm so sorry I'm late...geez I suck.
Hope it was wonderful!!