Friday, 26 March 2010

the cackle sisters

y'ever tried ta sing like bird? the DeZurik Sisters did. emulating the birds on their Minnesota farm began an innovative style that would have Mary Jane and Caroline Dezurik dubbed the Cackle Sisters.

the duo, who played numerous radio shows as well as gigs at the Grand Ole Opry over the course of their career, recorded only six songs to accetate in 1938. lucky for us however, a number of their 1937 performances on a radio show called Checkerboard Time are still in existence, many of which can be heard here. if you haven't yet heard the lovely lilting voices of these ladies from long ago, i highly recommend you check them out. below is a sampling of what you're in for. enjoy :)


Q's Daydream said...

ahh! they are so cute! :o)

{Tara} said...

Oh goodness, they are amazing! I can do a really good dolphin impression, I wonder if that will get me far in the music biz??