Friday, 7 May 2010

draw me a perfect saturday

please forgive me for neglecting the blog as of late. i blame spring. you know how it is, all this sunshine n fresh air. 'course it's chilly n grey today, so here sits i...

a warm welcome to friday, as is customary, and great anticipation for tomorrow when i'll be heading to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! i'm a bit broke at the moment, but i suspect i'll find some way to leave with a stack of reading material regardless. there are two artists i particularly look forward to seeing at tomorrow's event, the first of whom being Shannon Gerard (work pictured above and below).

i have been a fan of Shannon's work since i came across her booth at Word on the Street some odd years ago. i bought one of everything she had at the time cuz it was so fantastic and bloomin cheep, too. this time around, Shannon will be promoting her latest work, as illustrator of Sword of my Mouth, by Jim Munroe. visit Shannon's website for more information and links to her etsy site and all the other wonderful things she does.

the second artist i'm rather excited to see is Julia Scheele, a UK based illustrator whom i discovered through her contributions to How Fucking Romantic, the Magnetic Fields project i posted about back in January. see Julia's portfolio here, and visit her blog too.

so please do click on the images to enlarge, and i wish you exciting Saturdays of your own. if there's anyone from Toronto reading this, i hope to see you at the comic fest! take care :)

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Kitty Stampede said...

talent is right! love.