Thursday, 27 May 2010

on yer bike

i got a new bike last week! a 1968 candy green supercycle that is nowhere near as sick as the bikes pictured here, but hey, the price was right :) the hubby and i took a maiden voyage out to the islands (Toronto islands) on the weekend and rode around for 4 hours sans sunscreen (idiots). now we affectionately refer to each other as Tomato Face and Lobster Claw due to the lesson-teaching sunburns we received, but we still had a marvelous time. these bikes from Electra are just three of an incredible selection of the sweetest bikes in the universe.

and this is the suitcase i wish i had to carry a picnic and some reading material for the ride (along with a big giant bottle of SPF 50 :)


K.O. said...

That third one down in miiiine. Love that Amsterdam.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Wow, I simply love them all! I really need to fix my bike for summer, now that I see this :)

MarieBayArea said...

cool bikes. i'd love to have that first one. it's so fem.