Thursday, 23 September 2010

only in my dreams

money's been kinda tight around here lately, which sucks even harder in the face of reams o' disgustingly awesome fall fashions that make me wanna cry into my empty purse. there are three particular stores whose wares i purchase often in my dreams, and much to my chagrin, their fall collections are even more beautiful than i could have imagined:

1. Cath Kidston (also pictured above)

3. Anthropologie (which recently opened up a store near me, thus adding salt to my wound)


Q's Daydream said...

Doesn't it suck to have no money!?
You know who's my favorite here, hehe!
We have an Anthro across the street, it kinda sucks, lol!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh yes I saw the Lena Hoschek collection! Aren't all of her pieces simply adorable? And I love the Anthropologie clothes too!