Thursday, 23 September 2010


what a dreadful morning i'm having, my friends. awoke to a broken lock on the front door. whilst waiting for the superintendent to fix the thing, checked my mail for the first time in weeks, only to find a collection notice for a 12 year old phone bill from my university days -that my roommates apparently decided not to keep paying after i'd left- to the tune of a thousand dollars (which i surely do not have). also in this treasure trove of mail was a letter from my condo board asking for 60 bucks in payment for a noise complaint made against us in June [just a wee get together, but the balcony door was left open and apparantly my neighbours are ancient and no fun]. set out on my way to work, the heavy weights of debt upon my shoulders, and halfway through my ride, the left brake on my bike up-n-falls right off. just hangs there, dangling from the brake line [like i can afford to fix my effing bike right now]. upon arrival at my place of business i purchased a big giant coffee in the lobby, only to discover that the lid was ill-fitted when i dribbled hot coffee all down the front of my shirt. i have since advised my colleagues to keep me at arms length for the remainder of the day, lest a 16 tonne anvil should fall from the sky in my direction. poop. this is my life. here's hoping your day is going infinitely better than mine.


BaronessVonVintage said...

OH boy, so sorry to read about your disastrous day! If it's any consolation, my day has been going completely sideways as well. Dare I say it could be due to the moon? Usually, when things are this "off" my astrology obsessed friend reminds me about Mercury retrograde. Whatever it is, let's hope the bad luck stops NOW

Anonymous said...

Ugh! That's awful!

I really hope your day improves!

Rebekka R. Dunlap said...

Yes, just think, tomorrow HAS to be better :). The only direction is up!