Monday, 13 April 2009

dame dolly

the great Dolly Parton never stops. now she's written the music and lyrics for a broadway musical of 9 to 5, which opened in new york last week. musically, i'm partial to Dolly's early days, but there's no denying that this woman is a living legend! i've always wanted to make the trip to Dollywood. what a hoot that would be! here are two wondrous pieces of art inspired by the muse herself:
embroidery by Jenny Hart

Manna From Dolly by Matt Dorfman


Geisslein said...

Dolly is great! Love her! Have a nice day...geisslein

lynette said...

I love Dolly!!
And have secretly always wanted to go to Dollywood too :)

Meaghan Kelly said...

i'll be in Dollywood this July!!!!!

Poke Salad Annie said...

you lucky thing!!!