Monday, 27 April 2009

twisted my rubber arm

feeling like poop today. monday blahs, i suppose. my weekend was mostly marvelous, with one little glitch: i sprained my wrist and hand quite severely on friday night :(

while enjoying the company of some good friends i see far too infrequently, the sand-floored patio i was sitting on decided to inhale one leg of my sh*tty plastic chair and eject me into the air, only to land quite clumsily on my ill-positioned wrist. once the immediate embarassment had passed, all that remained was agony, swelling and an inability to do just about anything with my bum arm. i can't even do up my bra by myself! had to enlist my husband to help me with the simplest tasks all weekend long.


the weather was impeccable, and i was finally able to wear a dress and mary janes without even a cardigan!

Hem enjoyed the sunshine too!

my husband and i walked all around the city during the days and snuggled up to dvds in the evenings. injuries aside, it was a lovely weekend! but alas, now i'm back to work, and with but one hand for typing.

here's hoping that you all had an accident free weekend full of sun and joy!

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Alicia @ boylerpf said...

You're one handed typing is sure a lot better than my two handed! Hope it feels better the cat ;D