Tuesday, 7 April 2009

spring playlist

i'm about to do some heavy duty spring cleaning this weekend; rid myself of all the things i never use (or never even realized i had); lighten my load and make room for newness!

Now, besides all the necessary cleaning implements, what is the most important element of a truly thorough spring cleaning endeavour? That's right, a solid playlist. One that keeps the body moving through the task at hand. One that makes you whistle while you work.

So i bin lookin' through my itunes, trying to compose such a list, and i'm finding, much to my dismay, that i'm a wee bit sick of much of my inventory; that my list seems to be lacking a certain umpff. It's here that i appeal to you, reader: help me out here, would ya? Any suggestions for some new (or old) tunes to spice up my weekend wash-up? i'd be ever so grateful for any ideas! xo

1 comment:

Eric said...

I recommend Led Zeppelin III, you can't beat the classics