Thursday, 27 August 2009

franz, is that you?

image by doug chayka
i'm having a seriously Kafkaesque day today. this morning - though it is not a part of my job, nor have i done this ever before - i was ushered off to another building to sit in a strange little room without windows and search through boxes containing thousands of precariously ordered cheques, looking for six in particular. after two straight hours of flipping through bundles with my rubber thumb, a gentleman appeared to inform me that i had been given the wrong boxes, and that i must begin my search all over again with the right ones. five and a half hazy hours later, i had found the six cheques in question, but was left in a daze, half expecting giant bugs to creep out from under my desk.
here's hoping your day was a damn sight better than mine, my friends. i need a big ole glass o wine! cheers Franz :D


{Tara} said...

That sounds more like torture than definitely deserve a big glass of vino!

Red Bird said...

Yikes! Kafkaesque indeed!