Monday, 10 August 2009

loose leaves are turning

the past six months or so, i've let myself fall into a rather serious rutt. it can happen to any of us i suppose, and it can be quite difficult to pick onesself up out of the myre and start anew, but that is my intention. my actions, and sometimes the lack thereof, have been affecting not only myself and my work, but also my relationships with those i love most. the time has come for me to buck the f*ck up, and i am taking this oppotunity to proclaim it to the world! i invite and encourage any and all of you who have been staring down that new leaf and dreaming of flipping it over, to lift that sucker up with me and take a good look at the underbelly!

much love xo

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AlicePleasance said...

Well said! Good luck :-)