Tuesday, 20 October 2009

looking to the horizon

many new things in store for you this coming winter here at Loose Leaf Tigers! posts about art, photography, fashion, film and travel will continue (as well as new upcoming series), but i'd also like to have more of a personal involvement with my wonderful readers. so i'll be sharing more photos and stories of my own life in amongst it all (assuming this is something you might be the slightest bit interested in...?). and in a couple of months, i'll finally be opening my etsy shop! which will have a cornacopia of vintage clothing and accesories, as well as some handmade treasures of my own.

i do so love reading your feedback and following all the magnificent blogs i've come across through your comments. please feel free to let me know if you have any requests or suggestions as to the content herein. hope you're all having a fabulous week spreading some love around and catching some in return :D

1 comment:

Clorivak said...

YAY!!! Bring it all on. I love your blog.

I might opening a little shop myself in the future...I have soo many vintage clothes etc that I don't wear but have just been holding onto. I had an ebay store for awhile but wasn't organized enough for it.
Can't wait to see yours..I'm sure it will be awesome. ^_^