Tuesday, 6 October 2009

all the king's women #10 - tuesday weld

i've posted about Tuesday Weld previously, but since i'm moving chronologically through the Elvis movies in this series, she's appearing here again, and deservedly so. for a brief overview of Tuesday's turbulent life, as well as more photos, please see her induction entry into my Hall of Dames.

Tuesday's Elvis movie connection comes with her appearance as Noreen, in Wild In The Country (1961) along with Hope Lang. Tuesday plays the reckless young cousin with an illegitimate baby and a wildly colourful vocabulary. in the clip below, Elvis sings "In My Way" to Tuesday.

after Wild in the Country, Elvis and Tuesday began an off-screen romance. the fling did not last long after manager Colonel Tom Parker cautioned Presley against the relationship, fearful that Weld's rather imprudent reputation would harm his image.

of Elvis, Tuesday has been quoted as saying: "He walked into a room and everything stopped. Elvis was just so physically beautiful that even if he didn't have any talent...just his face, just his presence. And he was funny, charming, and complicated, but he didn't wear it on his sleeve. You didn't see that he was complicated. You saw great needs."


Q's Daydream said...

She is such a doll! Quite the wild one ;o)

Clorivak said...

She was adorable. I love these Classic Hall of Dame beauties you got going on!

Miss Madeline said...

She has wonderful hair!

outfitqueen said...

please tell me you've heard of The Real Tuesday Weld.


it might not me related at all. but an awesome coincidence.

The Cherry Blog said...

these pics of her are stunning! XX