Friday, 26 February 2010

video vendredi turns japanese

kay, i'm not sure what to make of this, but it appears that Kirsten Dunst is branching out :/ if i'm to be prefectly honest, i think the song is effing terrible, but she looks adorable (if not also slightly ridiculous) and the video is heaps of fun! happy friday darlings!

yesterday's muse special edition - georgia hamilton revealed

photographed by Nina Leen for Life Magazine, 1948

if you're familiar with my Yesterday's Muse series, you may remember my post on model Georgia Hamilton [here], in which i revealed very little biographical information, as i was unable to find any on the internet. much to my surprise and delight, i recently received an email from Georgia's son, which i am so pleased to share with you now...

Hi -

I want to thank you for recognizing my mother, Georgia Hamilton, and giving you a little bit of her background.She was born in California in 1925, and after the death of her mother at 2, her father moved the family back east. The family moved a lot during the depression finally settling in Tenafly, NJ, where she graduated high school in 1944. She started modeling not long after that, which is how she met my father, photographer Steve Elliot, and they were married in 1946. Steve and his brother Mike started the television commercial production house EUE along with partner Bill Unger, and were one of the first people to produce television ads. Steve and Georgia had four children, three boys and a girl, and divorced in 1964.

Georgia's big break came with the Life cover, which accelerated her career and made her one of the top models of her era. She was a favorite of Richard Avedon and Harper's Bazaar, and graced their covers as well as several other magazines of the time.She was one of Eileen and Jerry Ford's first models, and it was there that she encouraged Mary Jane Russell, who was the receptionist at Fords', to do modeling as well, according to her husband, Ed. They remained close friends long after their careers ended in the early 60s. Georgia had a second career later as a designer and builder of homes in the Hamptons, and died in Southampton in 1995.

Again thank you for bringing her to attention of your followers. I've forwarded it to friends and family.



thank you so much Steve!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

for the birds

these have to be the cutest wee birds mine eyes have ever seen. *gush* (via cute overload)

Monday, 22 February 2010

all the king's women #18 - laurel goodwin

Laurel Goodwin, who began her career as a child model, made her film debut in Elvis' seventh film, Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962), arguably the first-of-the-worst of the king's cinematic offerings. Goodwin plays Laurel Dodge, a young woman who conceals her wealth in an attempt to be judged for her true self alone. Laurel is one of two women whom Elvis' character is torn between, the other played by the afore mentioned Stella Stevens.

between 1962 and 1969, Goodwin appeared in three more nominal films and as a guest actor on several television series. she is perhaps best known (by a particular fanbase) for her role as Yeoman J. M. Colt on The Cage (1966) - the original pilot episode of Star Trek.

in 1971, Laurel and business executive Walter Wood were married. the couple now live in Palm Springs, California, where Goodwin has a career in home nursing.

Friday, 19 February 2010

R.I.P. Kathryn Grayson (February 9, 1922 – February 17, 2010)

if i had these, i just might bake

if i had this awesome letter press cookie cutter set, i just might be able to put my aversion to all things kitchen aside and role up my baking sleeves. 'cept my cookies wouldn't say ordinary things like 'thank you' or 'happy birthday'. mine would say filthy, shocking things that one would never imagine a cookie to speak (tee hee). or perhaps a batch of wonderland 'eat me' cookies? or cookies graced with Elvis lyrics? the possibilities are endless! i have never wanted to bake so much in my life. in the words of Gloria Hendry as Sydney in Black Belt Jones (1974): Honey, my cookie would kill you. :D

ashley n chavez

i was captivated by these images from analog photographer Ashley N Chavez. Chavez colaborates with her twin sister Amber in Los Angeles, and has some beautiful drawings on her website that are worth a look as well.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

the gay 90's old tyme art show

buzz is aloft concerning Mark Ryden's upcoming art show at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York City. the show, entitled The Gay 90's Old Tyme Art Show, will run April 29th - June 5th, and will no doubt be a sight to behold . above is a preview of what's to be expected [click on image to enlarge]. i'd love to see Ryden's work in person. perhaps i'll get the chance this time...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

the barstool romantic

check out The Barstool Romantic, a marvelously inspiring blog dedicated to adventurous living.

Friday, 12 February 2010

kisses from a king


have a heart

"family day", improved by friendly monsters

Canadians get a day off on Monday for our newest holiday: family day. do any of you in other countries have family day? either way, in honour of our newest holiday, may i direct you to Relleno De Mono's awesome flickr stream of vintage photos (many of them family photos), improved by friendly monsters. so wacky i just have to love it! :D have a great weekend!!

you wanna see this.

this little video made me smile. i'm thinkin' it'll make you do the same :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

yesterday's muse # 18 - mary jane russell

born Mary Jane Walton on July 10, 1926 in Teaneck, New Jersey, Russell began her modelling career in New York City in 1948. the fashion world at this time was swept up in 'the New Look'; a post-war concept coined by Dior, who believed, and rightly so, that people were in need of something new after years of war, brutality and hardship. the new look was a return to traditional femininity, featuring long skirts, tiny waists and luxurious fabrics. during the war, women had been mobilised to work on farms and in factories while the men were away fighting. in peacetime, those women were expected to return to their more passive roles as housewives and mothers, leaving their jobs free for the returning soldiers. Dior’s “flower women” fit this paradigm very well.

but i digress :)...

in the midst of all this, Mary Jane Russell spent 13 years working for the Ford Agency, appeared on dozens of magazine covers and was a favourite of photographers Irving Penn and Louise Dahl-Wolfe. she was somewhat diminutive compared to other models, standing just 5'6", but her long neck and classical features complemented the elegance of the era.

(above with evelyn tripp)

Mary Jane would marry her highschool sweeheart, Edward T. Russell, who appears to have been a hopeless romantic. while serving as a radioman aboard seaplane tenders in World War II, he once addressed a letter to ''The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Bronxville, New York.'' Somehow, it reached her. Edward proposed to Mary Jane on his return from the war, suggesting Dec. 21 as their wedding day because, as he said, it was the longest night of the year. *sigh* the couple had three sons, John, David and Mark, and remained married until Jane's death in November 2003 of pulmonary fibrosis. she was 77 years old.

jeremy forson

i discovered the work of San Francisco artist and illustrator Jeremy Forson while browsing Eric's blog the other day, and was rendered a bit dizzy by his astounding talent. a trip to his website and/or blog makes one swiftly aware of the boundless breadth of this man's style and creativity. love.