Thursday, 14 May 2009

hall of dames - judy dench

the purpose of my hall of dames was really to crown new dames, rather than to list actual dames, but Judy Dench is someone i would have crowned myself, were she not already recognised as such, and so i am inducting her presently. some of you may roll your eyes at such a choice, and to you i must explain three things:

1) i am half English, and so have a natural and genetic pull toward the wee magnets deep within Judy's molecular structure.
2) dame Dench reminds me very much of my marvelous english mum, whom i love and adore.
3) anyone who hasn't explored Judy's earlier works (i.e. those before that retchid shakespeare in love thing), simply do not know what they're missing.
And so, without further adue, i knight thee 'Dame Dame Judy Dench'. :)


A "cheery" disposition said...

she is a dame! She gets more beautiful with age... i hope im like that.

kgirl said...

Yes! Your mum/judy dench! I totally see it. Tell you mum hi for me :)

Geri Wu said...

she looks beautiful :)

xx, Geri