Tuesday, 19 May 2009

lasagne and tulips

it's strange. the past two days i've wanted to write, but i just haven't had anything to say. feeling a bit dazed. could be all the homemade lasagne i stuffed in my belly this weekend. or the fact that my husband bought an xbox on friday and we kinda zoned out in front of it for three straight days. either way, i'm hoping to be back to my usual energy level tomorrow. in the meantime, i'm not sure where this image came from, but it's what i feel like looking at right now. pretty, huh?

hope you all had marvelous weekends full o' tulips n ballerinas (or lasagne n xbox, whatever turns yer crank ;)


AlicePleasance said...

Love that picture :-)

retroliving said...

Stunning photo, I love how when its small the tulip looks like her skirt.

Anonymous said...

I'm still stuffed!