Thursday, 7 May 2009

(ph)ursday - a miles aldridge moment

all [ridonkulously gorgeous] photos by Miles Aldridge


Julia said...

What great photos! They're so intense and saturated with color!

retroliving said...

He is amazing, thank you for showing me his work!

Rachel Follett said...

Wow! At first glance they are fashion photos and then you look deeper and there is so much more. Very cool!

Poke Salad Annie said...

it's true, these photos are so intense, and so loaded with meaning.
if you like these, you should check out David LaChapelle too.
thanks for the comments xo

The Lil Bee said...

Oh, I love this shoot! So neat and whimsical.

BTW thank you for visiting Feather:)

Diane said...

there's so much story in every shot.