Wednesday, 8 February 2012

36 things to do in my 36th year

it's my birthday today. first one that's kinda freaking me out, i cannot tell a lie. thirty six *sigh*. in spirit i'm still hovering somewhere around 22, though my body's feeling older than it should these days. i've seen a lot of wonderful things in my life so far, and known many wonderful folks. i've been married to a wonderful man for four of those years and consider myself a very lucky woman. as a great friend of 17 years told me this morning: i have the world as my oyster and am finally in full control of my destiny. ya, ima go with that :)

so there's this thing i do here every year at this time where i make a list of things i'd like to do in the coming year. you can see my other lists here, here and here, though i'm embarrassed to say i didn't check off very many last year - something i wish to remedy this time around. this year's list may have one or two heretofore mentioned items, but so what? it's my birthday.  (items in pink have been checked off)

here goes...

1. go on a solo trip, just me and my camera (doesn't have to be a long trip, could just be a weekend).

2. take at least two more workshops or classes (i found this really valuable last year, so i'm adding it again).

3. buy a new bike and throw out the old one that's been sitting on my balcony since i wrote 'buy a new bike' on last year's list.

4. frame and hang some of my photos around the house.

5. sculpt something with polymer clay.

6. see the new baby polar bear and soon to be visiting giant pandas at the Metro Toronto Zoo .

7. get a new bed. ours is old and making my back feel like i'm a whole lot older than 36.

8. write a script (i've been saying this for a while, but i'm getting closer to it - been writing a lot o notes and slowly crafting some characters. this is the year i finish it).

9. be a better friend

10. clean out my closet. once and for all. it's a jungle in there. for real.

11. lose 30 pounds. having to write this on the third list in a row makes me feel pretty sh*tty, but it ain't goin nowhere 'til i do it. this is the last year it will be on my list, dammit!

12. go on some sort of writing/art/creativity retreat.

13. write 5 songs. a debut EP, if you will. I learned to play guitar last year and now it's time to take a whack at songwriting.

14. participate in National Novel Writing Month

15. make my friends model for photo shoots. i'd like to improve my portrait skills and taking photos of your husband and your dog will only go so far :)

16. finish illustrating my second children's book (these are self published books for friends by the way. sounds a lot cooler than it is.)

17. visit my oldest friend in Nova Scotia (idealy drive over there as my dislike for airplanes seems to grow with every year i age)

18. stengthen the knee ligament i tore in Mexico last winter that still pains me each and every dang day.

19. buy Rudy a leash and collar from Niki's store.

20. paint 5 things. keepin' this one nice and broad. could be 5 paintings, could be four paintings and a chair, who knows?

21. stretch.

22. see at least 5 films at this year's TIFF

23. wrap my head around my spending habits and perhaps, maybe actually conceive of a budget of some sort. gettin' tired of running out o money 3 days before every paycheck :)

24. simplify.

25. go to Moosefest 2012!

26. go to the Stand By Me festival in Brownsville Oregon!

27. knit comfy slippers for my husband and myself.

28. watch the second season of Game of Thrones in HD (we're saving for a new TV)

29. do one o those 365 photo projects. this is a bit lofty a goal for me since i find it difficult to do just about anything every single day, but ima try. (starting tomorrow).

30. take a German course

31. submit something to one of the art/photography shows that my work puts on.

32. let myself feel proud.

33. eat breakfast at home and pack my lunches as much as possible.

34. listen to tunes more. i miss having a soundtrack.

35. go see at least two live shows.

36. be earlier to bed and earlier to rise.

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