Tuesday, 10 February 2009

33 things that make my heart beat faster

one of the items on my list of ’33 things to do in my 33rd year’ was to write 33 lists of 33 things. this first list is one that could easily have been 333 things, but a girl’s gotta have boundaries, so here it is:

33 things that make my heart beat faster:
1. walking past a laundromat at night and seeing people washing their clothes
2. the sound of my husband’s key in the door
3. bird sounds in the sunshine after a long winter
4. the first crocus
5. a cold lake in the hot summer
6. getting a package in the mail
7. checking my lottery tickets
8. realizing i have left something behind
9. laying my head on the pillow the night before leaving on a trip
10. making my friends laugh
11. getting caught in the rain (do you like pina coladas?)
12. thunder and lightning
13. the open road
14. hotel rooms
15. seeing my order on it’s way to my table at a restaurant
16. a familiar smell
17. misplaced glasses (panic also makes the heart beat faster)
18. arrivals
19. watching Obama’s inauguration
20. rockabilly music (the old kind, not the new ca-ca)
21. when little kids meet my dog
22. thinking of my wedding day (so sublimely perfect)
23. phone calls from faraway friends
24. taking off in airplanes
25. really good cheese (both literally and figuratively)
26. new red shoes (and old ones too)
27. fresh blank paper
28. the smell of a bakery when i’m out and about
29. my husband’s touch
30. bees at a picnic (‘nother panic one)
31. jose cuervo (tee hee)
32. little tiny pickled onions
33. getting my first comment on my blog (which hasn’t happened yet – hint hint.)
i’d love to know what makes your heart beat faster. will you tell me?


J for Jendetta said...

yay, I love lists and kindred spirits!! And don't you just wish you could eat something that encompasses the amazing bakery smell?? yum!

Poke Salad Annie said...

YAY! My first comment! Thanks so much for visiting! Lots more lists to come (32 more at least). Mmmmmmm, bakery :)

Macafee Simms said...

You forgot danngling your feet off a dock at dusk; letting them sink into the the cool water up to your rolled jean's cuff. That's my favorite :)Oh, and the sound a cork makes when it's plucked from a sweating bottle of Pinot Grigio.

Poke Salad Annie said...

i read this comment while i was still at work on friday, and didn't i just pick up a bottle on my way home. POP. mmmmmmmm sweaty pinot :)