Friday, 6 February 2009

video vendredi #2 - pussycat slow jam

weeeeeeee! F ta the R ta the I mutha lickaaaaaas!!!! it's not just any friday either. it's the friday before my 33rd birthday weekend! yeeeeee! AND it's video vendredi. which i like. and do i have some treats for you! i'm going with a pretty random twosome today, cuz it's almost my birthday and i'll do what i want! the first video is the opening credits to a brilliant british kids show called Bagpus. sadly, the creator of Bagpus, Oliver Postgate, passed away in December (you can read about him here at the Yorkshire Evening Post). this was my favourite show when i was wee (i lived in England as a todd), and unless you're mostly dead inside, i'm sure you can see why.

now then. next we have what may well be the greatest slow jam of all time: Shake You Down by Gregory Abbott . many of you may chuckle when you see this. but you must look past the 1986ness of it all and let go of yourself. the video is heinous, of this i am aware. but there is something about the song that is so smooth it refuses to be denied. and my husband does a version of this that'd have you slappin' yer knee and creamin' in yer pants at the same time.

Unfortunately, i can't find a copy that'll allow me to embed, so you have to click here. trust me, it's worth it.

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