Tuesday, 10 February 2009

travel tuesdee #2

...before i had left thailand, the germs were already gestating (not real germs. i am speaking of 'the travel bug'). all i could think of once i had returned was the smelly tasty world and how i salivated for it. and so, for the next year i worked three nasty/awful jobs (the kind of jobs a 19 year old with no experience is apt to get), one of which was making 'can-o-grams' at a kioske in a mall. blegh. but i was determined. i thought only of the gates this toiling would open. and in the end, the means were justified. my next destination would be India. and as hackneyed as it may sound, India in many ways, is where the person who writes to you now was born. truly. Not because of some spiritual epiphany or citar lessons or anything, but because this was my first time travelling alone, and my first real experience of the world.
i lost my camera fairly early on in my 8 month trip, so the photos i have of India are few. though sometimes i believe that this keeps my memories stronger somehow. i find that when i have a lot of photos from a trip, eventually the moments i took pictures of become all i can remember.

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