Wednesday, 18 February 2009

33 ways to feel like a little kid

1. run out in a thunder storm with your bathing suit on
2. sleep with your bum in the air
3. play 2 minutes in the closet with your husband
4. build a snow/bush fort (or better yet 2 and wage war between parties)
5. get drunk n play 'I never' with your friends (i know kids shouldn't get drunk, but as adults the game works much better this way)
6. go to goony attractions like the Science Centre and Pioneer Village
7. crank call somone you know
8. make a piƱata, or a hobby horse
9. play pin the tail on the donkey, only make it a picture of something funnier like james vanderbeek or something
10. hide pennies in your cake
11. wear your hair in a side ponytail
12. climb out on your roof
13. lay on the grass and stare at the sky
14. put your shoes on the wrong feet
15. wear your pjs to a restaurant
16. start a food fight (try launching things with your spoon)
17. play truth or dare (even if you’ve no one around to play it with)
18. fake sick
19. climb trees and jump in puddles
20. eat pudding with your finger
21. make out with your pillow
22. make peanut butter balls for the birdies
23. cut n paste
24. go to your mom’s house n help her bake
25. spin around until you fall down
26. blow bubbles in your milk
27. take a bubble bath and make yourself a big bubble beehive
28. paint your nails with liquid paper
29. gulp a big glass of grape juice with both hands and don't wipe off the purple moustache
30. bowl between your legs
31. play hide n go seek in the woods (this one is actually really fun still)
32. draw on the walls
33. say "I can", then spell "cup" (tee hee hee)

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