Wednesday, 25 February 2009

hump day doodles - new doodles in hilldebrande's land

good morning muffin cups! it feels a bit like friday already but it's only the camel's hump of the week. i felt the need to write that, because three people now have inquired as to what "hump day doodles" means. "is that the day that you it?", a friend asked. to clarify:

'hump day' refers to wednesday as the middle of the working week; the top of a hill that you need only climb down. though my husband and i have certainly been known to 'do it' on a wednesday whenever we see fit, we most certainly do not do it exclusively on wednesdays, nor does the coming of wednesday require us to do it.

there. so. hump day doodles:

the first 8 pages of Hilldebrande's Land, vol. one are now available. please take a peak and feel free to comment!


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