Wednesday, 24 June 2009

barbie and skipper go camping

barbie book from vvpaperemporium

spring break blouse from SallyJaneVintage

pinecone necklace by bombalurina

50s bermuda shorts from catsandcrickets

plastic cups from backtothevintage

olive green dish set from Entwife

camping boots from OldBaltimoreVintage


Darla: Retro Ways said...

Such a cute book, I love that first top so darling and perfect for a camping barbie. ♥

[Tara] said...

This is too cute!! Did you know Skipper had her own house, like Barbie? I didn't know until my parents randomly found one at a sale recently. I thought Skipper was too young to live by herself? Seems a little fishy to me...I used to have the Barbie camper-van...wish I had the life-size version of that! Please pardon my randomness, LOL.