Tuesday, 23 June 2009

sugary frocks

(icing on the cake dress)

Modcloth has recently listed some deliciously adorable dresses in cotton candy and french vanilla hues that will surely satisfy those with a taste for the sweet.

(great gatsby dress)

(bedroom terrace dress)

(blanche dress)

(bedroom eyes dress)

(layer cake dress)


[Tara] said...

Oh!!!! I love these!!! I would wear them with black heels and a black jacket just to balance out the sweetness!! BTW, please post the fairytale bed again -- don't hesitate just because I posted it, too! It is AMAZING and deserves to be shared ;)

lynette said...

Oooooooh I want them all!
Your blog rocks!

In Bug's Drawers said...

These dresses are sooo cute. I want the Great Gatsby dress so bad!!