Friday, 5 June 2009

video vendredi - what's in a name?

it occured to me the other day that some of you may not recognize the words 'Poke Salad Annie' or know the glorious origins of my pseudonym. you may not have had the priveledge of hearing one of the most rousing and funktacular songs ever performed. remain in the dark no longer, for it is here.

there are many versions of this song as performed by Elvis, but this one is my favourite. it's fun and spontaneous and pretty frickin' kick-ass. i urge you to watch this video even if you are not a fan of the King, and to listen to the lyrics, 'cause they're wicked. :D

so now you know. and knowing is half the battle.


Georgia B. said...

oh, i actually did wonder where that came from. but i never asked—i just thought it was so fun and so you and your blog.

thanks for the video. i'm gonna give it a listen/watch now.

kgirl said...

Oh. My. Gawd. Glorious, indeed. So, uh, at about 2:00, did I see Elvis go down on the mic?