Tuesday, 16 June 2009

travel tuesday - shanghai noon

hello friends! please pardon my absence yesterday :( i was unable to write as i was curled up on the couch all day, nursing a nasty migraine [by playing video games and drinking diet sprite]. but i'm right as raindrops today and back on the screen! i've had so many wonderful comments these past few days, which has made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and i thank you all so much. xo.
now, then. since it's travel tuesday, have a look at these photos of Shanghai by Greg Girard. beautiful colours, no?


AlicePleasance said...

Great photos!
I'm jealously keeping a wonderful ed from Velvet, set in Shangai...I'm waiting for a new pc to be able to scan and post the pictures on the blog...!

tomasu said...

check out his portfolio http://greggirard.com/phantomshanghai/work.phantomshanghai.html