Tuesday, 22 September 2009

fashion 'extremes'

these photos are from a 1949 Life Magazine editorial entitled 'Fashion Extremes'. most all of the fashions showcased would be considered perfectly normal now [and also fabulous]. in fact, i had to read the captions for some just to see what was so extreme about them. fascinating, wouldn't you say?

'extreme' glove height

'extreme' amount of material

'extreme' foot nakedness :)

"extreme sleeve"

'extreme' due to exposed sequined bra


{Tara} said...

Wow! It is fascinating that none of these would seem that extreme any more...

Ms. B said...

Oh I see so many wonderful things I'd love to have!

Clorivak said...

Those extremely long gloves are ravishing. You never cease to amaze me, I love your blog!

Chrisy said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos!