Friday, 6 March 2009

auntie got er hair did

apart from my self styled baby-bangs, i have not cut my hair in almost a year. i thought i'd grow it long 'cause that's what yer s'posed to do, right? anyway, it was getting long, but all i ever did with it was wear it in a pony tail. every day. bah. so yesterday i went and had it all cut off! i'm sportin' a modern take on a 1920s bob, and i'm diggin' it.


just hours after the sheers had left my head, my husband and i received word that his sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy! i'm an aunt! for cryin' out loud, babies are poppin' out all over the dang place. as my sister-in-law said, march is rush hour on the birthing tables!

very excited to be an aunt :)


kgirl said...

congratulations, auntie! it's awesome, you'll love it. commence spoiling that

off to see if you posted any pics of your new do in fb, because i'm sure you're cute as a button.

Poke Salad Annie said...

thanks KG! you're a sweetheart, but there will be no buttons on fb i'm afraid. truth is i've gained somethin' like 25 pounds since the last profile pic was taken and have vowed to post no more photos of me till i've taken on a similar shape to the present one. i know, it's a superficial world and it matters not, but sometimes the inner ghoul cares nothing for logic. thems the breaks.
now if i could just find a way to pry my inner ghoul away from beer n pizza :)