Tuesday, 24 March 2009

travel tuesdee - teaching in taiwan

if you've been following the travel tuesday posts at all, you've seen that i've a bit of a penchant for asia. i've explored many of it's countries over the years and on more than one ocassion, i very nearly didn't return. but i always do. i love my family and my ontario lakes n loons far too much to stay away forever.

we're up to 2005 now in my travel chronology and another asian adventure. this was the year i lived in do liu, taiwan as an english teacher. in many ways, it was the most integrated i have ever become into another culture. there is much about this trip that i'd like to forget -namely, one of those hind-sight-is-20-20 personal relationships that will forever be entangled with my own experiences- but there are many visions of taiwan that i will cherish as my own, just as i will always cherish the time i spent with my beautiful students.
here are some of the visions i keep:

thank you, little ones.


kgirl said...

What gorgeous little faces.

Poke Salad Annie said...

aren't they?
and i can still remember each of their names, along with the thirty some odd other students i had at that school. they were a real life line for me at that time. it's so strange to think of them all grown up now. to me they will forever be little kindergarten angels.

kgirl said...

Did you use their real names, or did they get to pick English names? A friend of mine loved to tell us about her class, which included 7 Jessicas and a Superman.

Poke Salad Annie said...

Ha HA! I had three Rubys, a Snow White and her sister Chocolate!