Monday, 2 March 2009

welcome to you and the horse you rode in on

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what a luxuriously lovely weekend i just had! i had the privilege of spending some time with great friends and great food in the comforts of a beautiful new home where we toasted the recent engagement of two wonderful human beings; my dog rudy came calling with us, and made a new friend as well; i purchased a pair of shoes that i wish to marry [were i not already married to a wonderful man]; and two very warm and wonderful close friends of ours gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy! i am filled with glee! welcome little man whose name i probably shouldn't say without permission! and one further announcement: the first five responses to the prezzie post below have all come in! these five people can email their mailing addresses to me at, and expect a homemade sumthin-sumthin in the mail any time between now and december 31st! :D

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