Monday, 23 March 2009

up, up and away

one of the first things i stumbled upon during this morning's internet peruse was the story of four teenagers who sent up a helium balloon with a regular camera and sensor attached to it, that wound up taking pictures of the earth from space. pretty awesome science fair project. you can read more about the story here, here and all sorts of other places, and the photos that said balloon brought back to earth can be seen on flickr here.

this is an interesting story regardless, but it was of particular interest to me on this particular morning, as i dreamt of a helium balloon just before i awoke. the balloon in my dream was a large canadian flag balloon and for some reason or other i new that it was of vital importance to me that i not let it fly away. but the wind was blowing strong, and the balloon wanted desperately to escape my hands. i removed the strange white gloves i was suddenly wearing, but the string kept on slipping from my panicked fingers. what the hell does that mean? am i having some sort of identity crisis?

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