Tuesday, 24 March 2009

moosefest 2010

first of all, Northern Exposure was one of the greatest television drama series ever written. if you have seen the show from the beginning, it is more than likely that you will agree with me. if you've not seen it at all, go and get it. as soon as you can. if you've seen one or two sporadic episodes and you just don't get what's so great about it, it's because you need to watch the series in it's entirety. go and get it. as soon as you can. and even if you're not entirely floored by season one, keep watching. trust me. it will enrich your life.

and since it has enriched our own, my husband and i are excitedly toying with the idea of attending moosefest 2010, the annual Northern Exposure fan festival held in Rosalyn, Washington (where the series was shot). it may seem a wee bit nutty, but the town looks just like the fictional Cicely, Alaska and many of the exterior sets are still there. special guests from the cast are in attendance, and they even kick off the festival with a 'running of the bulls' ceremony (no bulls involved, just nudity).

here's a goony little travel video about it, hosted by a Brady:

i don't expect you all to join us, but seriously, go rent the series. as soon as you can.

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kgirl said...

ohmygod, I loved that show. Ed. Yum.